Some ailments of the feet are easily disguised and can go untreated for years. However, there are a few that need to be treated in the earliest stages to secure relief from the symptoms.

Toe deformities are often represented by a toe that is cocked-up or angled to one side. These ailments are oftentimes caused by a muscle imbalance in the foot caused by several factors such as flatfeet, trauma, arthritis, fracture or infection. .

Foot aliments quite often can cause the top or bottom tendons of the foot to overpower the other and create a toe deformity.

Claw toe – is created when the last two bones of the toe are pulled downward causing the toe to buckle and curl.

Hammertoe – Is when the first of the three toe bones bone rises up causing the other two bones to go down.

If left untreated, these toe deformities can develop painful corns (from shoe pressure), inflammation (bursitis), infections, arthritis- all of which may necessitates the need for surgical correction.

This diagnosis is best treated in the initial stages to avoid advanced development and inconvience.

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